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This website Talk in Japanese aims to address the needs of the modern busy language learner. Founded by Frederic Bibard of the top French website Talk in French, Frederic together with his team of Japanese language teachers and enthusiasts aim to provide comprehensive yet engaging content designed to help learners effectively learn Japanese. 

Whether you are mainly interested in the Japanese language or culture, or both, Talk in Japanese strives to offer the learning resources you need. 

For any questions, please email support@talkinjapanese.com.

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Read up on FREE content about Japanese grammar, vocabulary, and culture. 

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Read up on FREE content about Japanese grammar, vocabulary, and culture. 

What Makes Talk in Japanese Different?

Despite the number of Japanese learning websites available online, I have not come across any that offer lessons and information alongside a learning method that is proven effective. As a learner and language teacher, I want language learning that's fun and actually works.

Our foremost goal is to provide you with the best kind of support you need to learn Japanese. To achieve this goal, Talk in Japanese aims to become the number one place on the internet for anyone who wants to learn Japanese by providing you with the best material for learning Japanese, and the tools to help you create a learning habit.


Founder, Talk in Japanese

Together with Japanese language teachers and I will assist you in a way that suits your learning abilities. Aside from helping you learn, my team and I are also here to motivate you through your journey in learning Japanese. I believe that motivation is a huge part of learning!

And that is what sets Talk in Japanese apart from other language learning websites.

Do not hesitate to contact us using the form below. We will reply to you if ever you need some assistance for learning Japanese.

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