Japanese Music Playlist: Listen to Japanese Songs for Listening Practice! 

 March 17, 2021

By  Paolo Palabrica

If you’re looking for Japanese songs that you could listen to, look no further! We’ve got the right fix for you!

People who are not studying Japanese may also benefit from this playlist. It has Japan’s modern essence and cultural background embedded in these songs.

Let’s dive in right through the playlist! Ikimashou! (いきましょう Let’s go)

Japanese Songs

Accessing the playlist

In order to access the playlist, you need to sign-up with Spotify. (100 percent free).

You can sign up by clicking this link.

Here are 50 songs worth listening to in Japanese!

Don’t worry, this playlist will be regularly updated for your convenience!

Song Lyrics and Meaning

Now that you’ve got the playlist and the songs to listen to, here’s a website that’ll help you understand these songs better. 

A website called Japanesesonglyrics can help you better understand the song lyrics. They analyze the songs line by line and give the English translation for it.


And that’s it! Now you can study Japanese unknowingly by listening to this playlist!    

Ganbatte Kudasai (がんばってください Goodluck!)

Paolo Palabrica

Paolo is a software engineer in the Philippines whose hobby is learning languages. He has self-studied Japanese for over 3 years, and now speaks 3 languages and 3 Philippine dialects.

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